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Fisher House Foundation

In tribute to our United States Veterans who have served our country, Color Match Masonry, will donate $100.00 to the Fisher House for every new customer we sign up!

The Fisher House provides homes away from home, at no charge, for military families to be close to their loved ones during hospitalization. To learn more about Fisher House Foundation visit their website at


We hired Color Match to stain mortar joints that were not consistent color. Color Match gave a finished product, we are a satisfied customer. Color Match reduced the cost of tearing down and rebuilding walls where the products just didn't match.

They are problem solvers between owners, suppliers and contractors. They blended the colors that the owner wanted and the material supplier did not provide. This cuts the cost of tear down and rebuilding. We wouldn't change a thing. Color Match did a great job!

~ Kurt E. Tolbert

Color match corrected off color brick. They were dependable, reliable and offered a great warranty. They got to the job in a timely manner. On this job, we were satisfied and wouldn't change a thing.

~ Jerry Dillon
Old Virginia Brick Company-Salem, Virginia

Color Match was recommended because of incredibly bad brick color mismatch on the exterior of my house that was keeping me awake at night. The exterior of my house looked terrible with 2 different brick colors on the front and side. It was very noticeable from the street. Color Match provided us good service, a relatively reasonable price to fix a horrible brick match on the exterior of my house with the guarantee. The brick on the side of the house matches the front - otherwise, the house would have looked odd from the street with 2 different colors of bricks. It cost me money to have the service, but I am so glad that I paid to have the brick match. It was worth it. My house looks great!

The crew conducted themselves in a workmanlike and professional manner. They were conscientious in their work- even patiently waiting to continue the job through rainy conditions. Billy ran the crew through consensus with no arguments or disagreements verbalized. Truly a super job. My wife and I thank you and your crew. Please feel free to use my home as a visual endorsement, verbal endorsement also freely given. We can be reached at

~ Walter and Claudia Wilken

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our house. This residential job was matching color from a light mortar to a darker mortar color in stone above roof gable. Rob, the owner of Color Match is a friend, he does good work. I use him EVERY chance I get!

~ Dean Orsini
Old Castle Block

Simply spectacular work. Unbelievable and off the charts, fabulous results- far exceeding our expectations. Your team did an exceptional job from start to finish. From discussion of the problem to contacting, scheduling and follow up to ensure full completion with customer satisfaction. You can applaud your team for us. One word sums it up- WOW!!!

~ Jim Handlon
CEO - Bottom Line Partners

"We Match Every Mismatch"
Color Match Masonry — The Brick Staining Experts!

Color Match Masonry is a leader in providing value-added masonry coloration services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them. Our Pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance.

Hey Baltimore!

Do you remember that devastating Blizzard of 2003? It tore Baltimore up. Many homes and businesses were damaged along with Baltimore's beloved B&O Museum. The collapsing roof crushed Baltimore's heart as well.

A combination of Baltimore experts joined forces — And fixed it!
We at Color Match Masonry (CMM) were honored to be part of that project.

B&O Museum- BeforeB&O Museum- After

Whether you are an iconic building manager or a resident who loves your home, Color Match Masonry can help you out! For over 30 years, Color Match Masonry's owner Rob Vanbreevoort has been matching the color of brick, stone, mortar & architectural details for clients that include commercial properties, home owners, architects, and contractors. Color Match Masonry, now 15 years in business and offers a 25 year warranty. Color Match Masonry is the company to call when you need a color match.

When there is a difference in brick and mortar color, many home owners, contractors and architects only think of replacing the whole structure without considering the great savings of staining instead. Color Match Masonry applies a specialized stain which provides the absolute match that every masonry project requires - guaranteed. Any brick, mortar and stone architecture that has color matching issues Color Match Masonry can handle any project.

Click on our Services page to see one or more of the many ways we can help. Forget the dreaded thought and expense - Remember this - if it absorbs water, it absorbs stain. JUST HAVE COLOR MATCH STAIN IT.

Don't let the value of your home or commercial building drop in value due to non-matching colors and damage from the elements. The stains applied by CMM will not peel, fade or crack, and they are completely maintenance free. Color Match Masonry will make your home or business more visually appealing, which will increase the property's value. It's your investment, you make the choice. Call Color Match Masonry for a free estimate at 410-768-1868, or email us at